Talk to AI. Sound Smarter. Simple.

Speaking gives your thoughts clarity. Using your voice to interact with AI unlocks super powers. Wiz Write is your productivity cheat code.

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Unlock your potential
with your voice

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Your Thoughts

Through text or voice, speak naturally in your native tongue, we'll transcribe with precise clarity.

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AI Actions

Run any number of AI Actions. Create your own to make powerful unique workflows.

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Send Content

Through our webhook integration, you can send your content where you need it most. Simple.

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Productivity Hack Built for Simplicity

Turn those natural thought notes into ready-to-use content through AI Actions. You talk faster than you type and provide more clarity. The ultimate advantage.

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Cutting-Edge AI

Make use of the best AI technology available.

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How It Works

As simple as talking
to an old friend

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Creating an account
is super simple

Ready to level up your content creation with the power of your voice? Congratulations! Making an account couldn't be simpler and you will be creating your first transcript in no time at all.

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Hit record, talk naturally
or type, it is simple.

The magic really happens once you have a transcript. This is the fundamental part of Wiz Write which enables AI Actions. If you record your voice, our state-of-the-art artificial intelligence will produce a truly accurate transcript of what you said.

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Custom AI Actions
transforms content

Choose to run any number of AI Actions on your transcript to transform it into something ready to use. Need to write an email, X thread or produce a YouTube script? Wiz Write makes this process truly a breeze.

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Meet our productivity super stars.

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Using Wiz Write has been perfect for my customer support workflows. I can answer customer tickets faster and have AI infuse with my own knowledge to ensure a top experience for everyone.

Testimonial Client

Sunisa Chansiri

Customer Support
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Talking is so simple. You really don't understand how natural the workflow is until you try it. Wiz Write provides me with an efficiency boost to get more done at work.

Testimonial Client

Lizzie McDonald

Business Owner
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I absolutely love the Wiz Write Chrome Extension, I can be drafting unique sales email or follow ups by just talking to my browser faster than I ever could achieve with typing alone. Thank you!

Testimonial Client

Magnus Clausen

Sales Director


Affordable plans for every need

Talk, don't type. Wiz Write uses the power of your voice and AI to create content magic. Choose a plan that fits your needs and say goodbye to keyboards.

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$ 19.00 USD

Billed as $190 per year

Chrome Extension

Zapier Integration

5 Custom AI Actions


50 Transcriptions / Mo

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$ 39.00 USD

Billed as $390 per year

Chrome Extension

Zapier Integration

50 Custom AI Actions

♾️ Translation

♾️ Transcription

Webhook Functionality

Try Premium

Try Wiz Write with a
5-days free trial

Use all the features for 5 days to see if Wiz Write is right for you. You'll love the simplicity it affords.

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September 24, 2023

Introducing "Magic Chains" - Endlessly Evolve Your AI Content

WizWrite has launched Magic Chains, a revolutionary new feature that lets you infinitely chain AI content actions together to automate the creation of transcripts, blog posts, titles, summaries, social posts and more.

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September 24, 2023

Your Content, Evolved: WizWrite Adds Audio & Image Uploads

WizWrite now goes beyond speech-to-text with new features that allow users to upload audio files and images for AI-powered transcription, analysis and transformation.

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