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Make is a platform that connects various APIs in a simple to use interface. You can connect Wiz Write to make in an easy way.

About The Integration:

Wiz Write integrates seamlessly with a powerful automation tool known as Make. Comparable to other platforms like Zapier, Make offers a user-friendly experience, allowing you to visualize your automation process in a step-by-step manner.

To utilize Make with Wiz Write, you simply need to create a new scenario. The initial step of your scenario should be a webhook, which permits you to transmit data to Make. Once this is done, you can leverage other integrations within Make to automate your workflow.

As illustrated in the image here, the reception of a webhook prompts the creation of a draft within Gmail. Simultaneously, a document is also generated. This dual-action process is a testament to the incredible power and flexibility of Wiz Write. It not only aids in content creation but also ensures that the content reaches its intended destination.

An awesome workflow to send your content to make an email draft and then create a document.

How To Integrate:

Unlock the power of AI content creation by integrating your Make account with Wiz Write, our revolutionary voice-to-text AI platform. Here's a simple guide to set up this integration:

1. Log into your Make Account: Begin by accessing your Make account. If you don't have one yet, it's quick and easy to set up.

2. Create a New Scenario: Once logged in, navigate to the Scenarios section and create a new one.

3. Start with a Webhook: In this new scenario, start with a webhook. You'll have the opportunity to give it a unique name for easy identification.

4. Copy the Webhook's URL: After naming your webhook, you'll see a unique URL. Simply copy this URL.

5. Navigate to Wiz Write: With the URL copied, head over to Wiz Write. Click on the burger menu in the top right corner of your screen.

6. Access the Webhook Menu: Within the burger menu, you'll find the webhook menu. Click on it to proceed.

7. Add a New Webhook: In the webhook menu, select the Add a new webhook option.

8. Paste the URL: In the provided field, paste the URL you copied from Make.

By following these steps, you'll effectively establish a connection between Wiz Write and Make. This makes it possible for you to create powerful automations, transforming your workflow and optimizing your content creation process. With Wiz Write, get ready to experience the future of AI-assisted content creation.

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