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N8n is a productivity tool allowing you to connect APIs without any code.

About The Integration:

N8n is an exceptional automation platform that works seamlessly with Wiz Write. Now, you can host n8n in your own environment or opt for the cloud version to integrate it with Wiz Write. How? It's quite simple.

Kick-off a new workflow by choosing a webhook. This selection enables you to perform a range of actions like sending data to Notion, Discord, or even executing various API requests. The possibilities are endless, and getting started is a breeze.

With n8n, you have the flexibility to host it in your preferred environment, giving you the freedom and control you need. The power of n8n combined with Wiz Write's AI technology makes content creation easier, faster, and more efficient. Try it today and experience the revolution in content creation.

Use N8n to make more complex workflows! This example would take your content and add it to Notion and Discord.

How To Integrate:

Kickstart your workflow with a simple webhook trigger. Once you have your webhook URL, navigate to the Wiz Write platform, access the menu, and select the webhook option. Here, you can effortlessly add the webhook, allowing it to trigger whenever you generate new content.

To test its functionality, trigger the webhook in a test environment while running the action in n8n. This not only verifies its operation but also transmits data that can be harnessed for further actions. This makes it easy to send data to platforms like Notion, Discord, or other APIs with just a few clicks.

With n8n, you have the flexibility to either self-host or use the cloud environment. If you're not quite tech-savvy or prefer not to host it, n8n provides a cloud-based solution for you. You can check out their cloud website to explore if it's the right fit for your needs and how it seamlessly integrates with Wiz Write and other tools you use frequently. This is Wiz Write's commitment to making content creation a smooth and efficient process for you.

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