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Your Content, Evolved: WizWrite Adds Audio & Image Uploads

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Stuart Lansdale


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November 22, 2023


WizWrite Evolves to Boost Productivity Even Further

When we first conceived WizWrite, our goal was to create an AI writing assistant that turned speech into text with just the sound of your voice. Ease of use was paramount - we wanted users to simply talk naturally and get awesome writing in return.

While that guiding vision remains, we realize there are times when you may want more control over the input. You may have a transcript from a past meeting or previous notes that you want to run through WizWrite's AI actions.

That's why we're excited to announce new features that take WizWrite beyond speech-to-text! You can now upload documents, audio files, and even images to harness the power of AI writing on existing content.

Introducing Audio Uploads

It's now simple to upload audio files to WizWrite straight from your dashboard. Just click the upload icon, toggle to "audio" and select the file you want transcribed. WizWrite handles the transcription automatically, and you can choose AI actions to run on the resulting text.

This unlocks new possibilities. Have an old recording from a team meeting? Upload it to generate concise meeting minutes. Discussion with colleagues about an upcoming project? Transcribe it into organized task lists ready for delegating. The options are vast.

Images Become Words with Our New AI Vision Model

In a breakthrough for WizWrite, we've created an AI model that can "see" uploaded images and describe them in words. Once analyzed, you can transform the image description with the power of WizWrite's 50+ AI text actions.

The applications here are immense. Snap a photo of a whiteboard brainstorm and get back neatly formatted bullet points. Upload a website mockup and receive HTML markup. If you sketch ideas by hand, simply take pictures to extract and organize the concepts within.

Whatever You Input, WizWrite Aims to Supercharge Productivity

As WizWrite evolves, our goal remains the same - to maximize your productivity and efficiency through AI. Whether you write text directly, speak into your mic, upload audio files, or share images, we transform your content into something better.

We're committed to enhancing WizWrite over time by expanding our integrations, AI capabilities, and customizations. But it starts with you - try uploading an image or audio file today and experience the new face of WizWrite! Let us know how our latest innovations help your productivity reach new heights. The future is bright, and we can't wait to innovate alongside you!

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